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Emmegi machines

Emmegi is an Italy based designing and production company that deals in aluminum, light alloy, PVC and steel machinery requirements.

The foundation of Emmegi was laid in 1970 and ever since it has been persistent in providing quality services to various production houses. The pillars for its decent operations are its long-standing innovations, quality production, advanced logistical solutions, and top-notch marketing techniques. It is a major platform for process consulting as well.

The product range offered by Emmegi is vast and includes all types of machines that are highly in demand in the market. These machines can be categorized into the following:

CNC Welding Machines – The CNC Welding Machines offered by Emmegi weld PVC profiles with accurate positioning and produce effective results. it’s fully automated functionality increases efficiency operation by increasing output and reducing labor cost to the bare minimum.

CNC Cutting Centers – CNC Cutting Centers by Emmegi are generally used for cutting profiles like aluminum, PVC, and lightweight alloys. It comes with controlled axes, involves manual loading/unloading and is fully automatic in nature.

CNC Machining Centers – The Machining Centers by Emmegi performs a wide range of operations and aims at good quality surface finishing. Operations performed on drilling, milling and lathe can be performed on CNC machine center.

Milling Machines – These are the Multipurpose Machines as they can be used for drilling, boring, cutting gears, and producing slots. The profile feeding and unloading are performed by the front and rear belt loading tables that enable continuous operation.

Extraction Systems – The Extraction Systems by Emmegi fulfills all the extraction requirements as it is specifically designed to clean machines and is quite effective for swarf extraction with high depression duct turbines.

Crimping Machine – A Crimping machine or tool is used for conjoining two pieces of metal by deforming either of them. the crimping machine at Emmegi assists for closing corner of all types of aluminum profiles.

Copy Routers – The Copy Routers by Emmegi helps in improving the quality of milling and enhances tool life. These are scratch proof and have the ability to operate through the aluminum machining process.

This wide range of machinery provided by Emmegi aims at improving production conditions in all manufacturing units and providing a soothing environment to the customers looking for the best technological solutions.

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