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Industrial Machinery

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So what do we mean exactly by Industrial Machinery ?

Well in general, this term is used for any machinery used for the processing of different materials. It could be Steel, Aluminium, PVC, Wood or any other raw material used in large volume fabrication.

This term is actually general but it actually define the type of production that is not artisan, DIY or R&D.

A few types of sub-categories :

  • Machine tools
    • Lathes (manual or CNC)
    • Milling (manual or CNC)
  • Metal sheet machinery
    • Cutting
      • Shear (mecanical)
      • Plasma
      • Waterjet
      • Laser
    • Bending
      • Folding machine
      • Press brake
  • Saws and cutting centers
  • Welding
  • Etc.

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