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Aluminum Double Head Saw (Outwards Angles)

The Aluminum Double Head Saw is a great machine for very efficient cutting of aluminum extrusions.  The 3 axis function allows for precise control of the cutting angle.  The angles are cut towards the outside on this machine which is the way aluminum is usually cut.  If you are looking for other types of Double Mitre see this page : click here

Standard Features
  • Precise cutting of aluminum profiles between 22.5°- 90° (outer
  • Right feeding unit and automatic saw safety cover.
  • Double clamping system on both heads to fix the profile.
  • Support plate between two heads to support the profile.
  • Special design vacuum system to cut without depositing
    sawdusts on heads.
  • Profile height measurement system.
  • Frontal and top clamping systems.
  • Precise and fast measure positioning thanks to brake system.

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