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Motorized Shears


Motorized shears are made with optimal rigid welded construction. The drive mechanism is provided by powerful electric motor with a brake. Shears are normally equipped by a rubber sheet holder and a manual back gauge in the range of 0-750 mm. The table of shears is equipped by lateral guidance for complying with perpendicularity of the cut. There are also for disposal the extensions, abundant special equipment including motor back stops, slides and unloading pallet, which allows comfortable removal of cut material from the machine area. For cutting of thin sheet metal, it is recommended to use the sheet catcher device that ensures holding of the material in the plane of the table to achieve good quality of shearing. Shears are controlled by a movable foot pedal with an immediate stop function. For suitable selection shears you can choose from special equipment.

Standard Features
  • Knives for mild steel with two cutting edge
  • Rubbered sheet holder
  • Front support squaring arm with scale
  • Extension of table 650 mm
  • Rear delivery cutting material
  • Mode of single or continual cuts
  • Stroke counter
  • Foot switch
  • Connecting plug 32 amp, 3 x 400 V, 5 m cable (only for EU country)
Optional Features
  • Adjusting system for gap between knives
  • Manual back gauge
  • Motorized back gauge EB
  • Motorized back gauge EC
  • Back slip
  • Front delivery cutting material
  • Hold-down pneumatic beam
  • Back safety system
  • Pneumatic sheet catcher back slip
  • Front support squaring arm with scale
  • Extension arm of table 1000mm
  • Extension arm of table with balls 650mm or 1000mm
  • Goniometric with scale
  • Segments for full table
  • Additional T-slot
  • Extension arm of table with 1pc T-slot 650mm or 1000mm
  • Pair of knives for stainless steel with two cutting edge
  • LED cutting line light
  • Palette for stacking
  • Customer colors
Technical Specifications
  • MPS: Manual back gauge 0-750mm
  • MPS EB: Motorized back gauge 0-750mm, with manual fine adjustment to the position
  • MPS EC: Motorized back gauge 0-750mm, NC control system

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