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Types of saws

There is a lot of different types of saws.

It usually works by material first :

  • PVC / Aluminium / Wood
  • Steel

Then by type of material size

  • Pannels (doors or others)
  • Profiles (extrusions)


  • 90 degree (straight cut)
  • 45 degree (windows, frames, rectangular finished product)
  • Arbitrary angles 0 to 180 (Structural, shapes etc)


  • Single head saw
  • Double head saw
  • Cutting center (1 to 3 blades generally but automated)


  • Manual positioning
  • 1 axis (positions at the input length)
  • 2nd-3rd axis (setting of the angle on 1 or 2 heads)
  • Loading module (can pre-load a certain number of profiles)
  • Off-loading module (belts or tables)

Let’s just say there are almost indefinite configurations. That’s why it is best to talk with a specialist about your needs.

Fabplus distributes but also manufactures most available options.

Talk to us about your project, we’ll give it a shot.

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