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UpCut Miter Saw

An Upcut Miter Saw will do all the hard work for you! This machine will can cut and feed material all on its own with the addition of a CNC Pusher. You can cut all types of material like Aluminium, PVC, Wood at different angles. Depending on the model the angle can also be automated. Therefore, the Upcut Miter Saw is a great, efficient machine to add to your production process.

Sort through our range of options below to select the perfect machine for your needs!

Aluminium Upcut Saw 24″
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Large Slicing Machine
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V-Cut Mitre
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Automatic Chop Saw
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Automatic FrontCut Saw
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Steel Chop Saw
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UpCut Miter Saw 20″
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Gasket 45º Saw
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Aluminium Table Saw
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Pneumatic Slicing Saw
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Straight cut pusher saw
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Compound Miter Upcut Saw
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Manual Chop Saw
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Here are a few different configurations or specifications our customers like :

  • Automated CNC stop or pusher for faster operation and precise cutting.
  • Blades ranging from 16 inch to 40 inch, able to cut any material size.
  • Hydro-pneumatic cutting features as well as pneumatic vertical and horizontal clamps,
  • An optional conveyor to further personalize the machine to your production needs,

Regardless of which type you choose, with any Fabplus machine you are guaranteed:

  • An on-hand team of experts for advice and support on call,
  • High quality product and service, tailored to your organization’s priorities,
  • And affordable prices, removing the risk from your purchase.

Contact us for a quote! Our machines are 10-20% less expensive than any dealer in North America.

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